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Mexican Marathon for a Good Cause!


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"24 Hour Marathon, “NSM: Playing for a tousand smiles”

Spanish version here : Spanish

Please take your time and read this, it’s a big project and you can be part of it, and part of a new and different type of gaming community!

Presenting our FIRST marathon for a good cause in NSM, in which you will be able to watch us over internet and with TWO different cameras in which we will play games from every console we can obtain (Nintendo Consoles will be the spotlight), also we will be hosting tournaments that you will be able to participate from far away, will be giving some gifts (only in Mexico), we will be reporting live from Nintendo E3 conference (in Spanish) and lastly will be doing a lot of other features . The good cause being a donation to the “Casa Hogar Villa Nolasco”, a foster home for kids under 17 years old, we will give them a Nintendo Wii, a TV, money, food, clothes and all the money we gather from the viewers AND the money our sponsors will give! All this with a full day of Nintendo Magic with them! (explained later)

Remember what you felt when you purchased your new 3DS? Remember the excitement of holding a new piece of hardware in your hands? What was your first feeling when you used the wii-remote for the first time in Wii Sports? Well, that’s the idea, to bring some gaming happiness to this kids (they receive everyday money donations that we will also try to provide) we will be having a fun day with them, playing Wii Sports, Mario Kart, all kinds of Nintendo magic, also each kid will be able to keep a printed copy of their Mii created with a 3DS, and a picture with ALL the people that donated in Mii form, so they remember that day everyday (and I assure you, that wont be the only day). We think those kids can have some fun with videogames too :D

We are “Nintendo Social México”


Duration: 24 Hours (plus the time the Nintendo Conference takes), from 2:00pm of Monday (Mexico City time) until the 5:00pm of Tuesday.

Location: A basement in which there will be two cameras doing live stream during all of the event. A pair of computers, one for seeing the donations live, the other one for chatting with our friends of the community and some other uses described later.

How will players help donation: Each participant will be representing a fixed amount of money, determined by our sponsors THAT DAY, the money will be divided in two parts, 50% will be donated if the participant never sleeps or breaks any of the game rules, the other 50% will be donated if the participant completes his or her tasks (those tasks will be assignated that day LIVE, and will be difficult and gaming related). THE MONEY IS FOR THE FOSTER HOME, NOT THE PLAYER.

How will viewers help donation: All viewers will be able to donate trough paypal, OXXO, or they would be able to donate in persona and appear live with us (only if they meet certain requirements). People in Mexico will be able to accompany us to give the donations to the foster home, so no “trick” its being played here.


1. All the “allowance times” mentioned in the rules have to be measured with a chronometer.

2. Players cant sleep for more than 10 seconds, if they do, they are automatically eliminated from the marathon, they wont be able to continue playing and will lose 50% of donations via sponsors. Besides, if the player hasn’t completed his list of tasks, he or she will not be able to complete the task loosing another 50%.

3. The player is limited to 5 “time off” the which cannot surpass combined 45 minutes, they will be able to leave the basement and will be able to do whatever they want or need, but if they surpass the 45 time limit, the will loose 100% of the donation via sponsors.

4. Both TV’s must have at all times an active game session, no matter how many players are playing in each one. The game swap must not be greater than 3 minutes, and as an extra, they cant leave a game in a menu for too long, decisions that have to be taken for settings, must be quick never surpassing 5 minutes.

5. The only break allowed will be the Nintendo Conference, so we can watch it altogether.

6. Visitors to the basement will be limited, there will be a schedule for the NSM community to visit, but we will not allow spectators, only challengers, and they will have to leave the basement when they are asked to. THE ROLE OF THE CHALLENGERS AND THEIR IDENTITY AT THIS POINT IS SECRET. Food for the players will be delivered in a way that no one enters the basement.

7. Cellphones, laptops and other communication methods will be restrained, they will only accept emergency calls or from family, the which doesn’t have to be of more than 10 minutes. THIS RULE CAN BE CHANGED according to circumstances, but still will cause a loss in the sponsors donation of 50%. This communication methods can be used as any means of covering the needs of the marathon.

8. Any aggression towards any member of the community, will be enough to guarantee an expulsion from the basement, and the whole community of NSM. The language should be moderated to an acceptable level.

9. Donations to the PayPal account will be at all times public, and reported every hour. If there is another way in which we can corroborate the veracity of this event, please let us know. Anyone in the community will be able to go with us to make the donation to the foster house. The donation will be given in June 19, that is because of our sponsors requirement.

10. There will be respect toward the official mascot of NSM.

11. The prices won by the community of NSM (Mexico only) must be given within a 30 day time frame.

12. If something went without being written in this rules of the features, it can be added until Sunday June 5, 2011.


• All the marathon will be streamed trough the internet.

• There will be torunments and will give away prices!

• We will live-blog the Nintendo conference in SPANISH through our twitter (@NintendoMX), facebook (fb.me/nintendomx and fb.me/nintendosocialmex) the forums (www.nintendosocialmex.com/ForosNSM).

• Trivias

• We will be recording our first podcast!

• We will record our first video reviews!

• You´ll meet the official mascot of NSM, which claims to have powers to see the future XD

• We will debut some new sections of a new show!

• We will make some interactive features…

• And a lot more.


All gifts will be given only to Mexican residents, so if you are one, you should read the Spanish version of this document.

We promise you that if you speak Spanish, you`ll have fun watching us!


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