No signal with DVI but works with HDMI


So yesterday i turned my pc on and realized the tower was too far back so i pulled it forward a bit and as far as i can tell pulled the power cable out doing so. Gave it a moment put the cable it and turned it on as normal but booting up with DVI cable in saying no signal all the time. Had a look to make sure everything was in right and all seemed ok but still no signal. Put hdmi cable in and it works fine but when i got into windows it changed all the default audio and logged me out of steam, spotify etc(dunno if this is any useful for info).That was last night so i didn't have much patience it turned on and i had signal with HDMI so i left it. Tried this morning with DVI and still same issue. Took GPU out and all cables out the psu to see if that would do anything and put it all back in and then even the HDMI didn't work either. Turned it off and made sure everything was pushed in right came back on with HDMI only and this is where im up to. Ive ordered a new DVI cable but i have a feeling that isn't the issue. Just wondering if theres something ive not covered or any help anyone can provide.

Please help.

I didn’t find the right soltion from the Internet.

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