Issues connecting a PS3 to a HP w2408h display



So I've been having a problem with connecting a slim PS3 (CECH-2504A) to my HP w2408h monitor, in that it doesn't work at all and I haven't found anything online where others had similar problems. First off, the PS3 does HDMI output just fine on a friend's HDTV, no issues there. Works just as well over SCART on the SDTV I still have lying around. The monitor likewise has zero problems when connected to my PC via DVI/HDMI. When I try to connect the PS3 to the monitor, one of two things happens. If I switch the PS3 to HDMI output while the monitor is switched on, it will seemingly ignore it, spit out a check cable message and go into standby. If I switch it to HDMI first, then turn the monitor on, it will sort of freeze. The backlight stays on, but no OSD message will be displayed (and menu and other buttons will be unresponsive) and it stays like this without going to standby. Basically, I have no idea what might be the issue here, I've tried pretty much every related setting on the PS3 in case some of that tripped up the monitor, but no luck there.  Any of you fine tech-savvy Ars folk have any clue what might be amiss here?


Please help


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