Issue making calls to ported mobile to mobile phone number



I have a weird problem. I just set up cell phone service with Sprint and I ported my mobile phone number (not from Ooma) from Verizon to Sprint. I originally had Sprint many years ago but received a good discount for service with Verizon thru a discount program thru work, but switched back to Sprint due to the ever increasing cost of service with Verizon. I am able to make and receive calls on my Sprint phone using my ported phone number. Other people are also able to make calls to me with out any problems to my ported phone number. Odd thing is that if I try to call my cell phone from my home phone which I set up thru Ooma VoIP service, I get a recorded message from Verizon saying "Welcome to Verizon wireless, the number you are calling has been, changed, disconnected or is no longer in service". Does anyone know what is causing this?


Please help


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Thank you



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