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 I'm trying to create a library of music, mostly classical, from my old LPs and not quite so old CDs. I have saved the files hierarchically in Windows, for example My Music\Beethoven\String quartets\Op27 No 1\Italian Quartet\1 Allegro.flac, In MM3 (Gold) I would like to be able to search by each of:
composer (Beethoven), ensemble type (String quartet), work (Op 27 No1), performer (Italian Quartet) I do NOT want to find a list of several different tracks all called "1 Allegro.flac" which come form several different pieces, all of which have an Allegro first movement. I would like it if I could search on String quartets and bring up a list of the quartets I have by composer and then by work eg Shostakovich 13th quartet, Schubert 10th quartet. Again, at this stage I don't want to see individual movements. What do I need to do to achieve all this? I understand that it's SQLite which underlies MM3 which is a relational database so it shouldn't be too hard! I've tried Magic Nodes which, at present, don't work (not even the example ones). All help gratefully received. Is there scope for an idiot's guide to this problem?


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